When your home is flooded and you try to restore the damages caused by it, make sure that you clean and dry every part in order to ensure a safer place to stay. Clearway Restoration is your partner in drying and restoring property. We know that a flooded home cannot be restored with simple cleaning techniques. The moisture it gets can invite pathogens to grow in numbers and become a causative factor for different diseases. Thus, rather than risking the health of your family, let Clearway Restoration help you in times like these.

The Reliable Restoration Company In Santa Clara

Clearway restoration is capable of restoring any types of water damages caused by floods and other natural disasters. We have been serving the community of Santa Clara for a long time and we have helped several residents who encountered such problem. When a homeowner approaches us for help, we will immediately assess the condition and provide relief when he/she agrees to avail the services. Our company will ensure that every part of the home is dried and no recurring leaks, mold growth or damages can hamper the safety and security of homeowners. It is our calling to provide the best cleanup services in Santa Clara. Thus, we have kept a long list of happy and satisfied customers for a while.

Drying and Restoration Process

We use different techniques to clean and dry your flooded home. Our technicians are trained and highly skilled to do this appropriately and they are fully aware on the dangers of not doing their job well. Once the water is removed, we will dry the area thoroughly and assess for moisture. Molds, mildew and other opportunistic pathogens thrive well on moist environments. Hence, we make it sure that your home is dried and fully restored. We will also ensure to remove the odor and repair the home furniture that has been damaged by flood. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to provide.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, we have consistently received positive feedbacks from our customers. This is because we stick to our protocols and ensure that every need is attended with efficiency and excellence. Our technicians are licensed, insured and well trained. We also have accommodating staff and customer service representatives who are happy to serve you better, so you can be assured of getting the best services from us.