Water Damage Restoration

no matter if it is your home or business that is damaged by water, no matter if it is by rainwater from the roof, windows or doors, or if it is water from the pipes that have flooded your house or office the damage can be very big if you don’t respond promptly.

Water can affect the structure of the building by damaging walls, especially but not only , plaster walls, it can affect any wood including floors, roofs and any other wood in the building and it can even effect metal because it causes rust. Water will also affect the anterior of your house, primarily by causing mold that will damage everything from furniture to clothes, books and carpets, resulting in a terrible smell and a serious potential of health dangers, especially to young children, old people, and people suffering from allergies and lung problems such as asthma.

Service we Provide

Our team here at Clearway restoration is highly experienced in dealing with water damage. The first thing we’ll do is clear all the water, pump it or use any other kind of clearing method appropriate for the quantity of water, exact location of it and other specific details we take into consideration. Once the water is out of the way it is time to deal with the humidity, we shall use industrial fans or any other kind of professional tulles specifically suitable for the sight. Getting reed of the humidity is of great importance- actually if not done right the work is as good as none. Humidity can cause mold and other serious problems if not treated properly.

Last Steps

Now we must attend to the cause of the problem and make sure that it is solved down to the root of it. Then we must attend to the content of the house and deal with any damage to furniture, which can usually but not always be fixed, same goes for carpets and other objects in the house. One more thing we must deal with before we are out is woods- since wood is highly sensitive to water we have to make sure if there is any swelling to the wood in floors or roofs, and also if there are any places that may hide trapped water.

Time is a crucial mater when dealing with water; we have to respond quickly because the damage is done every hour the water is there. That is way our fully licensed and highly qualified teams are there for you 24/7 all year round. But you have to be fast with your response, if you find that you have a water damage problem do not despair- call us and we shall take it from there.