Tips on How to Clean Mold Yourself

Mold is disgusting. it’s ugly, menacing, potentially harmful, and generally repulsive. Nobody likes mold. Nobody! However, most of us encounter it all too often. So how do you get rid of mold? Clearway Restoration has years of experience in waving goodbye to mold, so we thought we’d give you a helping hand in eradicating this repellent opponent.

 How to Clean Mold Yourself:

  1. Pick Your Weapon of Choice

As you might imagine, water alone isn’t enough to topple mold, at least in the long term. You’ll need to treat the moldy area with something a little more powerful. This might be bleach or ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or borax. There are hundreds of different mold-removers on the market for you to choose from. If you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly, vinegar, baking soda, and tea tree oil can all be used to rid yourself of that pesky mold.

  1. Use a Dehumidifier During Cleaning

Whatever you choose to tackle the mold, it’s best to try and keep the air around you as fresh as possible during cleaning. A dehumidifier or extractor fan can help you do just this. In lieu of either of these, opening windows and doors as wide as possible is fully recommended.

  1. Always Wear Suitable Attire

Cleaning mold, even in small amounts, isn’t a pretty picture. Make sure you wear old clothes or, even better, protective clothing. Rubber gloves are an absolute essential here.

  1. Remember Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Most of us clean mold from showers, bathtubs, and wall tiles, but remember that mold can be found elsewhere in the home. There may be mold under your washer or dryer, your dishwasher, in your basement, beneath the bathtub, on the ceiling, in a crawlspace or cupboard, or a hundred other locations. Be sure to check all of these on a regular basis and thus avoid large (and potentially costly) infestations.

  1. Leave to Dry

Once you’ve cleared the mold, it’s essential that you dry out the previously moldy area. This can be done by simply airing the room for an afternoon or, if necessary, by using portable heaters. If you are going to use heaters, be sure to take extra care.

If cleaning mold yourself seems like a hassle you could really do without, or if you’re worried you’re not going to be able to get rid of every mold spore, Clearway Restoration would be more than happy to help. We provide a professional mold removal service to both residential and commercial clients throughout Santa Clara, California and the surrounding area. Get in touch with us on: (408) 457-0826